Coalbed Methane
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Coalbed Methane

Coalbed methane (CBM) reserves are a relatively untapped energy source with huge potential: coal can contain up to seven times the amount of gas volume of traditional reservoirs. Estimated reserves are 7,500 trillion cubic feet globally with more than 700 trillion cubic feet in the United States alone.


Coalbed methane recovery results are varied and the property of the coal extremely important. RDS can supply the best solution for lateral placement, to maximize surface area, and mitigate damage to the reservoir.


Maximizing CBM recovery requires more than just proven experience in conventional reservoirs – it requires an ability to transfer this experience to the unique challenges and characteristics of coal. No one has more experience delivering successful laterals in CBM projects than RDS. Indeed, operators in Australia and Indonesia chose RDS as their partner to supply laterals.


Coalbed methane has complex characteristics, and although conventional technology is used in its recovery, the application of these technologies is quite different.


RDS understands how to effectively apply lateral technology to open up surface area in CBM reservoirs, which is the most critical, and often the most difficult task for a CBM prospector. Once a reservoir is deemed economically viable, jetting and production technologies come into play. RDS has pioneered key CBM technologies that lead the market in their ability to reduce operating time and enhance production.