Acid Stimulation
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Acid Stimulation

The main activity is the provision of radial drilling services. These services are contracted directly to the oil and gas industry with the provision of radial drilling systems including technical and operating personnel.The company offers geological and reservoir technical assistance required for the screening and selection of candidate wells that have potential to increase production through application of radial drilling technology.
Stimulate the reservoir 100 meters from the wellbore.


In formation compatible situations, acid may be pumped through the RDS system to displace chemicals evenly over the 100 meters of the lateral.  This provides a more even displacement over the length of the lateral.  Select Radial Drilling units can pump high volumes of acid at concentrations of up to 28%.


RDS has teamed up with Arc Fluid Technologies, LLC to aid the design of fluids specific to each application.  Access to this expertise is a valuable addition to the portfolio of services offered by RDS.