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The premature shut-In of wells and marginal fields is an increasing problem in the oil and gas production sector. Once a field has been shut-in, in most cases the remaining resources will be abandoned due to the increasingly high cost of re-establishing production of the field. Well stimulation and rehabilitation is a major expense in many well completions and workovers.

RDS – with its radial drilling technology – addresses problems of marginal fields and challenges established oil & gas service companies and their well stimulation techniques. Radial Drilling Services, Inc. offers specialized tools and procedures for differing reservoir situations. The HOSS™ (Heavy Oil Steam System) system offered by RDS is a breakthrough in producing heavy oil reserves using steam drive. The RDS technology allows recovery of more of the oil in place due to the greater reservoir exposure offered by its multiple lateral grid.

RDS offers the SureFrac system to direct the hydraulic fracture treatment precisely where the operator demands. The RDS laterals are gyro oriented to align most beneficially to the natural stress planes, taking the guess work out of “where the frac actually goes”. This is a major step in giving control of the stimulation treatment back to the operator, where it belongs.