Well Clean Torpedo Services
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Well Clean Torpedo Services


  • Cleaning of Production Casing 4.5” ID or Greater
  • Cleaning of Tubing/Liner 0.75” ID or Greater
  • Perforation Washing
  • Open Up Pores and Perm Channels
  • Guided Coil Tubing technology (Hydraulic Jet-Cleaning) to clean scale, wax and debris build up from the main well-bore and perforations.
  • Specializes in small bore CT with proven delivery record.
  • Technology designed to assist with the incremental production and additional reserves recuperation of hydrocarbons from existing matured reservoirs.
  • The technology allows for the cleaning of production casing 4.5” ID and greater.
  • The technology allows for the cleaning of tubing/liner 0.75” ID and greater.
  • The RDS well clean tool is stable to most downhole chemicals, acids and solvents.
  • The RDS well clean tool provides hydraulic erosional action in fast rotating mode.
  • The RDS well clean tool can be used to deliver chemicals to compliment erosional effect.
  • The RDS well clean tool has a deep washing effect that:
    – Cleans into existing perforations
    – Opens up the pores & perm channels.
  • Simple casing cleaning of asphaltines & paraffins to improve flow.
  • Cleaning of perforations and deeper invasion with chemicals to clean and neutralize blocking agents.
  • Eliminate & prevent near well bore corrosion build up (Iron Sulphides) etc.
  • N2 delivery to relieve hydrostatic.
  • The RDS well clean tool is fully transportable and can be used with most RDS units